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85%新 盒裝齊全 機況良好


達音科Alpha 1 混合動力平頭圈鐵耳機,內置一個動鐵喇叭和一個動圈喇叭,完美平衡了兩個不同性質的單元,展示出淳厚豐滿的低頻,準確且細節豐富的中頻以及令人驚歎的清晰高頻, 將動圈和動鐵單元用複雜的技術手段完美結合,使Alpha 1呈現出卓越的音質效果,精緻工藝製成的動鐵單元融合中頻和高頻,有著傑出的表現,動圈單元提供優美低音並同時結合動鐵中高頻,使各頻段音質平衡順滑流淌 。  

達音科Alpha 1高保真耳塞主體由金屬材質精心製成,保證產品的耐用性和美觀性,特別設計了三款不同佩戴方式的耳套,有效防止漏音並保證舒適配戴以達到超凡音樂體驗

China leading hybrid and balance armature earphones brand DUNU is now looking for worldwide retailers and distributors.

DUNU Alpha 1 hybrid earbuds is designed with one dynamic and one balanced 
armature drivers in each earpiece to deliver smooth bass, accurate detailed midrange, 
and breathtaking clear highs. 
Combining dynamic bass and balanced-armature drivers with sophisticated technology 
gives the Alpha 1 excellent audio performance. Exquisitely crafted BA driver produces 
outstanding performance on midrange and high-frequency sound, and dynamic driver 
provides fantastic bass quality, then finally the two of them working in perfect cohesion 
to output smooth and balanced sound across all frequencies.

DUNU Alpha 1 high-fidelity earbuds is manufactured using a high quality stainless steel 
to ensure high durability, as well as looking good at the same time. 
Three unique and specially designed tips to ensure maximum seal, comfort, and 
optimum fit, to guarantee superb listening experience.


單元 : 動鐵單元 動圈單元(16mm)
音頻響應 : 10Hz-30KHz 
靈敏度 : 125±2dB
組抗 : 16Ω
插頭 : 3.5mm 鍍金插頭
線長 : 1.2m
重量 : 17克

定價: 4.900 售價: 2 000
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