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iQube V3

iQube V3

Technical Specifications: Analogue Input impedance:10k ohm SPDIF digital Input:192kHz/24bit 4-pole 3.5mm jack SPDIF Optical digital Input:192kHz/24bit TosLink Digital mini USB Input :Digital Resolution (USB) 16 bit Sampling frequencies (USB) 32 / 44.1 / 48 kHz DAC type CS4344, 24 bit delta sigma, 105dB dynamic range On board Sample rate converter Ultra low jitter Tentlabs clock (12.000 MHz) synchronously driving USB receiver, sample rate converter, DAC and class D circuitry Voltage gain: low gain: 2,high gain 7 Frequency response @ 200 mV into a 16 Ohm load: Analogue input 5 - 50 kHz. (-1 dB) Maximum output power per channel from 20-20,000Hz: 160 mW_16 ohm 80 mW_32 ohm 12 mW_200 ohm Output impedance: <0,1 ohm @ f<5kHz < 1,5 ohm @ 20kHz THD at 200mV output (typ) 0.0075%: Analogue input (max) 0.03%. Output noise:10uV (unweighted) Charge input: (mini USB input) USB mini input, DC voltage 5V +/- 5%, polarity protected Max. charger current consumption @ 5Vdc input: 0,4A Battery charge current: 0,3A Dimensions:Height (thick): 23 mm Width: 70 mm Lenght: 126 mm (incl volume knob) Weight:Without batteries: 155gr With batteries: 200gr Packed: 400gr - See more at:




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